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My life journey started on Youth Day[1] in Maribor in 1982. At that time Maribor was in the country which was called Yugoslavia and after that in Slovenia. Two countries and one town-as if they foresaw a number of countries that I would change in times to come. I spent my childhood and early youth in the magnificent landscapes of Pohorje, getting to know our beautiful hills, mountains, rivers, seaside and caves familiarizing myself with nature and animal world, but the most interesting part of that period was meeting different people.

As the time passed my interests became wider, so I started visiting other surrounding countries. Realizing that learning about new cultures, people, ways of life and natural beauties is a big benefit so I continued travelling to distant countries and my travels took me farther and longer.

I’d emphasize that my special and unforgettable experience was to different and far away countries. I always remember my travels by meeting new cultures and people and by their undivided hospitality. I was enchanted by people on Kavkaz, Islamic Republic of Iran and Serbia. It is Serbia that I consider my second homeland, a country chosen by my heart. As a memory on all those wonderful moments and events I gladly remember and often retell, I am proud of big number of photographs I have brought from all those travels and also of my published articles. The best images always remain in memories, but my unique mission was to share all those unforgettable experiences with other people.

The most valuable treasure is friendships and connections that I have made and kept with numerous people from all over the world.

As a real globe trotter my wishes and interests are expanding. My final goal will be to travel around the world, so, one day I can say proudly that I have visited all countries in the world.

[1] Youth Day was celebrated throughout  Yugoslavia on May 25. This was also a celebration of President Josip Broz Tito’s birthday who was born in 1892.

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